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SubjectRE: [APM] CPU idle calls causing problem with ASUS P4PE MoBo

Actually, using APM was not done on purpose. It was configured in already
from our Red Hat 9 install. We really don't need any Power Management at
all, since it is not a lap top. I have not tried the ACPI at all. I did
try the allow_ints feature (test #5), but it still locked up. From this
test I gathered that it was not some "cli" that was never undone. So maybe
the BIOS hoses something?

>5) Power Management disabled in BIOS locked up after a few minutes
> Kernel configured with CONFIG_APM_CPU_IDLE_CALLS=y
> Kernel parameter passed in: amp=allow_ints


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From: Mike Dresser []
Sent: Thursday, August 07, 2003 10:11 AM
To: Kathy Frazier
Subject: Re: [APM] CPU idle calls causing problem with ASUS P4PE MoBo


I'm curious why you are using the APM method.

Have you tried ACPI(which replaced APM a long time ago)

And also out of curiosity, have you played with the config_apm_allow_ints?


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