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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Proper block queue reference counting
Jens Axboe wrote:
> blk_cleanup_queue() still does that, as does blk_put_queue() (same deal,
> each drop a reference, last reference frees the queue).
> This first patch is just the frame work, the only thing that's
> referenced counted right now is that the returned object has one
> reference and when the driver cleans the queue it drops the reference
> causing it to be freed. Next step is making sure others that hold a
> reference to the queue also grab a reference to it, using
> blk_get_queue(). That's stuff like bdev_get_queue(), for instance.

Groovy, thanks for explaining.

>>2) the blk_init_queue really should change names, IMO. The other
>>subsystems in the kernel tend to use a "foo_alloc" or "alloc_foo"
>>pattern when creating new objects. blk_alloc_queue, or simply blk_alloc?
> blk_alloc_queue() would be fine. However, it's hard to screw the usage
> up since it returns a queue, so... And people with out-of-tree drivers
> that need to be converted need only look at the blk_init_queue()
> changes, easy to grep for.

OTOH, blk_init_queue is changing quite radically, and people converting
drivers will have to change that area of code _anyway_, so why not
change the name too? :) It might create more confusion than it solves,
to have the same function radically changing its behavior. So I
respectfully disagree :)

(this is a minor point, anyway. I'm happy about the patch as a whole)


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