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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Proper block queue reference counting
I like the patch, but see two problems:

1) You convert drivers to dynamically allocated queues... who is freeing
the queues? unregister_blkdev? It's a bit non-obvious to say the
least, since you patches (for example, the first one, to stram.c)
obviously switch blk_init_queue to dynamically allocate a queue... but
you do not add code to remove the final reference in modprobe. The
standard driver-facing API dictates that the driver calls foo_put
itself, in the driver, rather than have it done implicitly.

2) the blk_init_queue really should change names, IMO. The other
subsystems in the kernel tend to use a "foo_alloc" or "alloc_foo"
pattern when creating new objects. blk_alloc_queue, or simply blk_alloc?


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