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    SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] [PATCH] Framebuffer: 2nd try: client notification mecanism & PM

    > I believe solution to this is simple: always switch to kernel-owned
    > console during suspend. (swsusp does it, there's patch for S3 to do
    > the same). That way, Xfree (or qtopia or whoever) should clean up
    > after themselves and leave the console to the kernel. (See
    > kernel/power/console.c)

    I tried using it on pmac, but it causes hell with XFree. I'm not sure
    what's up yet, I suspect it may be XFree still doing things after
    calling the RELDISP ioctl but I'm not completely sure yet.

    The setup XFree + DRI is working without switching to suspend console
    (with only the apm_bios emulation for XFree to suspend/restore itself)
    but not when switching to suspend console right before doing the apm
    emulation callbacks (which should be ignored by X since it's no longer
    the frontmost process at this point).

    For some reason, it seems that after we have switched to the suspend
    console, we race with the X server on accel engine, and on resume, the X
    server just crashes.


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