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SubjectRe: [Q] How can I transfer data from hard disk to PCI device'smemory
Thank you for your reply, and I am very pleasant to talk with you. ^^

But english is not mother tongue, so I am little confused about your

> The O_DIRECT I/O handling
> needs to know about stuff like page reference counts that PCI space
> doesn't have lots of older (and some current) hardware has real problems
> with PCI PCI transfers.

At above sentence, you mean that

'To handle O_DIRECT I/O, stuff like page reference is needed.

But some HW(expecially old HW) doesn't have PCI space,

so that it needs much additional work to add a PCI-PCI transferring.'

Do I understand right?

Please reply, thanks.

> So its a non trivial project, although doable

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