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SubjectRe: Filesystem Tests
On Wed, 2003-08-06 at 04:30, Grant Miner wrote:
> I tested the performace of various filesystems with a mozilla build tree
> of 295MB, with primarily writing and copying operations. The test
> system is Linux 2.6.0-test2, 512MB memory, 11531.85MB partition for
> tests. Sync is run a few times throughout the test (for full script see
> bottom of this email). I ran mkfs on the partition before every test.
> Running the tests again tends to produces similar times, about +/- 3
> seconds.
> The first item number is time, in seconds, to complete the test (lower
> is better). The second number is CPU use percentage (lower is better).
> reiser4 171.28s, 30%CPU (1.0000x time; 1.0x CPU)
> reiserfs 302.53s, 16%CPU (1.7663x time; 0.53x CPU)
> ext3 319.71s, 11%CPU (1.8666x time; 0.36x CPU)
> xfs 429.79s, 13%CPU (2.5093x time; 0.43x CPU)
> jfs 470.88s, 6%CPU (2.7492x time 0.02x CPU)

What about ext2? :-)
I think it could be interesting to compare the overhead of a journaled
fs against a non-one, simply for reference.

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