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SubjectRe: [TRIVIAL] sanitize power management config menus, take two
On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 10:47:47AM -0700, Patrick Mochel wrote:
> > Trouble is, the same goes for ACPI -- it doesn't require that CONFIG_PM
> > code be present.
> I initially missed that part of your patch, and that is incorrect - Only
> part of ACPI (CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP) should depend on CONFIG_PM.
> > I think the correct x86 solution would be to introduce a real dummy
> > option for the menus, and imply CONFIG_PM if APM or swsusp (the two
> > options that seem to actually need CONFIG_PM code) is enabled.
> I can buy that. There are actually three levels of power management that
> we handle:
> - System Power Management (swsusp, CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP)
> - Device Power Management (kernel/pm.c, future driver model support)
> - CPU Power Management (cpufreq)
> SPM implies that DPM will be enabled, but both DPM and CPM can exist
> without SPM, and independently of each other. All of them would
> essentially fall under CONFIG_PM..
> Would you willing to whip up a patch for the Kconfig entries?

I mostly agree. The only trouble is then:

$ egrep -rl '#ifdef[:space:]+CONFIG_PM$' linux-2.6.0-test2/ | wc -l

I think it make sense to change this by CONFIG_DPM.


Ducrot Bruno

-- Which is worse: ignorance or apathy?
-- Don't know. Don't care.
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