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SubjectRE: chroot() breaks syslog() ?
> > IMHO, devfs in chroot environment, is defeating the purpose 
> > because if you have access to raw devices, like the device
> > your chroot dir is on,
> > you can easily mount that device again, and voila you have
> > access to
> > the full tree, if you
> You need to be root to mount the device, and as root you can
> also create the device special file. A chroot environment
> does not reliably guard against root breaking out of it.

That's not completly wrong nor is it completly true. :)

You _CAN_ guard yourself from root's breaking out of some chroot environment.
Using grsec ( Denying double-chroots, creation of special
files within chroot-environments and if you like it... Deny mounting within
chroot. :)

There are many options provided - just use 'em. :)

Best regards,

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