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    SubjectRe: Filesystem Tests
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    Diego Calleja García wrote:

    > El Wed, 6 Aug 2003 11:04:27 -0700 Mike Fedyk <>
    >>Journaled filesystems have a much smaller chance of having problems
    after a
    > I've had (several) filesystem corruption in a desktop system with
    > journaled filesystems on several disks. (They seem pretty stable these
    > though)

    well, I only had one time huge problems with a journaling FS, this was
    when I thought I could use Reise FS Beta on a Production File Server ;)

    > However I've not had any fs corrution in ext2; ext2 it's (from my
    > rock stable.

    well, ever had a check of several hundrets of Gigabytes in ext2 after a
    poweroutage ... when you had this several times in a row, you even take
    ext3 and thank for its existence ...

    > Personally I'd consider twice the really "serious" option for a
    serious server.

    I'd never use ext2 on a server anymore nowadays. You have so many
    choises of stable journaling filesystems, you don't have to use ext2
    anymore (except perhaps for small partitions like /tmp or /boot ...)

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