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SubjectRe: [PATCH] O13int for interactivity

Con Kolivas wrote:
>>For this, I reiterate my suggestion to intentionally over-shoot the
>>mark. If you do it right, a process will run an inappropriate length of
>>time only every other time slice until the oscillation dies down.
> Your thoughts are fine, and to some degree I do what you're proscribing, but I
> take into account the behaviour of real processes in the real world and their
> effect on scheduling fairness.

And I know you know a lot more about how real processes behave than I
do. I'm not saying (or thinking) anything negative about you. I'm just
trying to throw random thoughts into the mix just in case some small
part of what I say is useful inspiration for someone else such as yourself.

It is probably the case that the idea I suggest is BS and makes no real
difference or makes it worse anyhow. :)

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