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SubjectLinux Kernel Question - from non-subscriber
I have been searching for a Howto (which is not outdated or Broken), on
how to mount a Netware 3.x or 4.x Filesystem on Linux. I have 2.4.21
operating on Linux Mandrake 9.1. I have installed ncpfs-2.2.2 and
desire to mount this filesystem to recover lost information for a
Non-Profit Organization. I will post a HOWTO to the Slueth-kit List for
future reference.

As the Vender list is non-technical (more of a SCO Flamewar) nature
currently, and I am in need of this procedure to mount the Drive (I have
a 60 GB Disk on a USB Port with the Ghost Image installed on the drive -
full Inode replica).

Please reply back to me personally. I was under the impression that
NWFS or NCPFS may be in the kernel and may support this functionality
that I need.

Best Regards.

Albert E. Whale, CISSP
ABS Computer Technology, Inc. - ESM, Computer & Networking Specialists
Sr. Security, Network, and Systems Consultant
Founding Board of Directors of Pittsburgh FBI - InfraGard

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