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SubjectRe: security advisories for the kernel
El Wed, 6 Aug 2003 18:31:31 +0200 (CEST) Juergen Schmidt <> escribió:

> I know, that some of you think, it's the task of the distributors, to
> issue security advisories. I disagree: You publish code on that
> people use. That code contains security related bugs. You fix them and
> publish corrected code. People expect from you, to issue an advisory
> about the security bugs you have fixed - and imho they are right...

I agree that people must have something to upgrade to. They're said
"update the kernel from your vendor" or "run 2.4.XX-pre which contains
the security fixes"; but a lot of people don't use vendor kernels and
they don't even know that -pre contains fixes. (where is the
announcement if there's one?)

Can't we have a 2.4.22 which has 2.4.21 + only
the security fixes? Or a 2.4-current which contains current kernel +
security fixes + very important fixes.

I can understand that you can't upgrade the kernel each time there's
a security issue, but this time there're a lof of them, and people
*don't* really know what they've to upgrade. They're just waiting
for a release.

Diego Calleja
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