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SubjectRe: linux-2.6-test2, ipsec in tunneling mode
On Wednesday, 06 August 2003, at 12:43:23 -0400,
Jim Penny wrote:

> Does anyone have a tested example of tunneling mode working on
> linux-2.6-test2? If so would you please email it to me. At this point
> I don't care about authentication method, don't care about addresses,
> etc. I just want to see a real example.
I don't know if you are the same person who asked something very similar
in another mailing list I am also subscribed to, but I followed the
suggestion og Bret Hubert to recompile ipsec-tools against recent kernel
headers, and (nearly) all my problems went away at once.

I used "apt-get source ipsec-tools" from Debian Sid, and just edited
"debian/rules" to delete the ./configure option that points to the
includes packaged with ipsec-tools (so configure looks them at the usual
default location of /lib/modules/$KERNEL_VERSION/build/includes, where,
in my setup, 2.6.0-test2-mm2 sources are).

There is additional documentation about the native IPsec implementation
available in 2.5.x kernels at, in the HOWTO.

Hope it helps.

Jose Luis Domingo Lopez
Linux Registered User #189436 Debian Linux Sid (Linux 2.6.0-test2-mm2)
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