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Subject[Patchset] 2.4.22-rc1-dis7 released
I've rolled out 2.4.22-rc1-dis7. Not as well tested as some of the
others (hey, gimme a break, rc1 was only out for about 2 hours when I
released this..) but its about due, and I've been running it with the
newer -pre kernels for quite a while.

As always, its available at

This patch contains:
- Swsusp 1.1-pre3
- Swsuspctl
- Laptop-mode
- Preempt
- Standard BCM4400 driver (backported from 2.5); the old driver has not
been removed, just disabled in the menus
- Warmboot by default
- Updated Inspiron 8500 DSDT
- Updated Radeon DRM
- Bootsplash (
- Supermount
- O_Direct
- Packet mode for cd/dvd writing
- Optionally disable trackpad while typing
- Handle windows .lnk files as symlinks under vfat
- O_Streaming
- Monitor mode for Orinoco pcmcia/mini-pci cards
- CPUfreq
- Allow network devices to contribute to /dev/random

This one should cover most everything thats been requested; if there is
anything you'd love to see, let me know where to find it and I'll see
what I can do.

Disconnect <>

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