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SubjectRe: IDE locking problem

On 5 Aug 2003, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 02:28, Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz wrote:
> > On 3 Aug 2003, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
> >
> > > And there's more to it... ide_unregister() doesn't copy hwif->hold from
> > > old to new hwif causing my hotswap bay to lose it's iops on next plug,
> > > it doesn't call unregister_device() for neither hwif->gendev nor
> > > drive[n]->gendev, causing the device model list to be corrupted after
> > > an unregister, ...
> >
> > What is a goal of calling init_hwif_data() in ide_unregister()?
> > I guess it is used mainly to clear hwif->io_ports and hwif->irq.
> > Therefore even if you are using hwif->hold flag io_ports will be set to
> > default values, so how do you later find your hwif?
> What is the goal ? good question ;) I'd be happy with removing most
> of the junk in init_hwif_data, but we need to go a bit further there
> for 2.7, maybe we should discuss that one irc one of these days ;)
> We probably want to remove the static array of hwifs and change that
> into pointers, hwif themselves beeing fully initialized 'offline' by
> the host driver, then handed out to the ide layer...

Yes, plus adding HBA structure.

> In the meantime, the current code works because init_hwif_data()
> calls ide_init_hwif_ports() which is an arch hook, which will fill
> the proper io base, so the hwif can still be found. Since the IOps

It only works with default/legacy io bases.

> themselves are saved/restored in ide_unregister, we end up with
> proper IO base and proper IOps still there.
> In fact, I suspect the only remaining useful thing done by
> init_hwif_date() in there is to clear the drive structures.
> > Hmmm... what about not copying anything and calling init_hwif_data()
> > only if !hwif->hold?
> We may probably still want to clear the drive array and maybe a
> the present flag, no ?

Oh yes, this is the main goal if ide_unregister() :-).

> Also, look at my patch, we also _NEED_ to add some proper
> device_unregister calls to ide_unregister() or this function will
> leave dangling entries in the device list, and since those have the
> same restrictions as the new blk_cleanup_queue(), we really need to
> do that without the lock held.


> I'd suggest merging my patch for now, it won't make things much
> worse than what they are today regarding racyness of IDE registration
> and unregistration, we an look into sanitizing this as a 2.7 goal.

Okay :\.


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