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SubjectRe: i_blksize
    From: Andrew Morton <>

> You propose to remove i_blksize.
> It is used in stat only, so we have to produce some value for stat.
> Do you want to replace
> inode->i_blksize
> by
> inode->i_sb->s_optimal_io_size
> ?

No, that's different. You are referring to stat.st_blksize. That is a
different animal, and we can leave that alone.

inode->i_blksize is equal to (1 << inode->i_blkbits) always, all the time.
It is just duplicated nonsense and usually leads to poorer code -
multiplications instead of shifts.

It should be a pretty easy incremental set of patches to ease i_blksize out
of the kernel.

Hmm. Let me first read stat.c.

stat->blksize = inode->i_blksize;
generic_fillattr(inode, stat);
if (!stat->blksize)
stat->blksize = s->s_blocksize;
tmp.st_blksize = stat->blksize;
copy_to_user(statbuf, &tmp, sizeof(tmp));

So really, if inode->i_blksize has a nonzero value,
this value is returned in stat.st_blksize.

Remains your other claim: inode->i_blksize == (1 << inode->i_blkbits).
I don't see any code that would enforce that.


[and there are lots of comments around:
inode->i_blksize = PAGE_SIZE; /* This is the optimal IO size ... */

Maybe also a good candidate for renaming if it is not eliminated?
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