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SubjectFilesystem Tests
>>>>> "Grant" == Grant Miner <> writes:

Grant> I tested the performace of various filesystems with a mozilla
Grant> build tree of 295MB, with primarily writing and copying
Grant> operations.

It'd be interesting to add in some read-only operations (e.g., tar to
/dev/null) because, in general, filesystems trade off expensive writes
vs expensive reads. Especially as the disk gets fuller. (What I mean
is that filesystems that do more work to optimise disk layout will be slower to
write, but should be faster to read. And `easy' optimisations for
disk layout get harder as the disk gets fuller and fragmented).

So the other thing that'd be interesting to test is doing the same
thing after having pre-fragmented the disk in some predictable way.

Dr Peter Chubb peterc AT
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