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SubjectRe: [PATCH] PnP Updates for 2.6.0-test2
# --------------------------------------------
# 03/08/05 1.1112
# [PNP] Remove device naming based on id
# This patch removes the pnp name database code. Most buses, including
# pnp, will be using userspace to name devices in the near future. Also
# dev->name will be removed from the driver model soon.
# --------------------------------------------
diff -Nru a/drivers/pnp/Kconfig b/drivers/pnp/Kconfig
--- a/drivers/pnp/Kconfig Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
+++ b/drivers/pnp/Kconfig Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
@@ -20,16 +20,6 @@

If unsure, say Y.

-config PNP_NAMES
- bool "Plug and Play device name database"
- depends on PNP
- help
- Select Y if you want the Plug and Play Layer to keep a database of
- human readable names for your PnP devices. It will increase the size
- of the kernel image by around 5 KB and use 16 KB of system memory.
- If unsure, say Y.
config PNP_DEBUG
bool "PnP Debug Messages"
depends on PNP
diff -Nru a/drivers/pnp/Makefile b/drivers/pnp/Makefile
--- a/drivers/pnp/Makefile Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
+++ b/drivers/pnp/Makefile Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# Makefile for the Linux Plug-and-Play Support.

-obj-y := core.o card.o driver.o resource.o manager.o support.o interface.o quirks.o names.o system.o
+obj-y := core.o card.o driver.o resource.o manager.o support.o interface.o quirks.o system.o

obj-$(CONFIG_PNPBIOS) += pnpbios/
obj-$(CONFIG_ISAPNP) += isapnp/
diff -Nru a/drivers/pnp/base.h b/drivers/pnp/base.h
--- a/drivers/pnp/base.h Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
+++ b/drivers/pnp/base.h Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
extern spinlock_t pnp_lock;
void *pnp_alloc(long size);
int pnp_interface_attach_device(struct pnp_dev *dev);
-void pnp_name_device(struct pnp_dev *dev);
void pnp_fixup_device(struct pnp_dev *dev);
void pnp_free_option(struct pnp_option *option);
int __pnp_add_device(struct pnp_dev *dev);
diff -Nru a/drivers/pnp/core.c b/drivers/pnp/core.c
--- a/drivers/pnp/core.c Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
+++ b/drivers/pnp/core.c Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
@@ -113,7 +113,6 @@
int __pnp_add_device(struct pnp_dev *dev)
int ret;
- pnp_name_device(dev);
dev->dev.bus = &pnp_bus_type;
dev->dev.release = &pnp_release_device;
diff -Nru a/drivers/pnp/idlist.h b/drivers/pnp/idlist.h
--- a/drivers/pnp/idlist.h Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
+++ /dev/null Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 1969
@@ -1,322 +0,0 @@
-ID("CSC0000", "Crystal Semiconductor CS423x sound -- SB/WSS/OPL3 emulation")
-ID("CSC0010", "Crystal Semiconductor CS423x sound -- control")
-ID("CSC0001", "Crystal Semiconductor CS423x sound -- joystick")
-ID("CSC0003", "Crystal Semiconductor CS423x sound -- MPU401")
-ID("IBM3780", "IBM pointing device")
-ID("IBM0071", "IBM infrared communications device")
-ID("IBM3760", "IBM DSP")
-ID("NSC6001", "National Semiconductor Serial Port with Fast IR")
-ID("PNP0000", "AT Interrupt Controller")
-ID("PNP0001", "EISA Interrupt Controller")
-ID("PNP0002", "MCA Interrupt Controller")
-ID("PNP0003", "APIC")
-ID("PNP0004", "Cyrix SLiC MP Interrupt Controller")
-ID("PNP0100", "AT Timer")
-ID("PNP0101", "EISA Timer")
-ID("PNP0102", "MCA Timer")
-ID("PNP0200", "AT DMA Controller")
-ID("PNP0201", "EISA DMA Controller")
-ID("PNP0202", "MCA DMA Controller")
-ID("PNP0300", "IBM PC/XT keyboard controller (83-key)")
-ID("PNP0301", "IBM PC/AT keyboard controller (86-key)")
-ID("PNP0302", "IBM PC/XT keyboard controller (84-key)")
-ID("PNP0303", "IBM Enhanced (101/102-key, PS/2 mouse support)")
-ID("PNP0304", "Olivetti Keyboard (83-key)")
-ID("PNP0305", "Olivetti Keyboard (102-key)")
-ID("PNP0306", "Olivetti Keyboard (86-key)")
-ID("PNP0307", "Microsoft Windows(R) Keyboard")
-ID("PNP0308", "General Input Device Emulation Interface (GIDEI) legacy")
-ID("PNP0309", "Olivetti Keyboard (A101/102 key)")
-ID("PNP030a", "AT&T 302 Keyboard")
-ID("PNP0320", "Japanese 106-key keyboard A01")
-ID("PNP0321", "Japanese 101-key keyboard")
-ID("PNP0322", "Japanese AX keyboard")
-ID("PNP0323", "Japanese 106-key keyboard 002/003")
-ID("PNP0324", "Japanese 106-key keyboard 001")
-ID("PNP0325", "Japanese Toshiba Desktop keyboard")
-ID("PNP0326", "Japanese Toshiba Laptop keyboard")
-ID("PNP0327", "Japanese Toshiba Notebook keyboard")
-ID("PNP0340", "Korean 84-key keyboard")
-ID("PNP0341", "Korean 86-key keyboard")
-ID("PNP0342", "Korean Enhanced keyboard")
-ID("PNP0343", "Korean Enhanced keyboard 101b")
-ID("PNP0343", "Korean Enhanced keyboard 101c")
-ID("PNP0344", "Korean Enhanced keyboard 103")
-ID("PNP0400", "Standard LPT printer port")
-ID("PNP0401", "ECP printer port")
-ID("PNP0500", "Standard PC COM port")
-ID("PNP0501", "16550A-compatible COM port")
-ID("PNP0502", "Multiport serial device (non-intelligent 16550)")
-ID("PNP0510", "Generic IRDA-compatible device")
-ID("PNP0511", "Generic IRDA-compatible device")
-ID("PNP0600", "Generic ESDI/IDE/ATA compatible hard disk controller")
-ID("PNP0601", "Plus Hardcard II")
-ID("PNP0602", "Plus Hardcard IIXL/EZ")
-ID("PNP0603", "Generic IDE supporting Microsoft Device Bay Specification")
-ID("PNP0700", "PC standard floppy disk controller")
-ID("PNP0701", "Standard floppy controller supporting MS Device Bay Spec")
-ID("PNP0802", "Microsoft Sound System or Compatible Device (obsolete)")
-ID("PNP0900", "VGA Compatible")
-ID("PNP0901", "Video Seven VRAM/VRAM II/1024i")
-ID("PNP0902", "8514/A Compatible")
-ID("PNP0903", "Trident VGA")
-ID("PNP0904", "Cirrus Logic Laptop VGA")
-ID("PNP0905", "Cirrus Logic VGA")
-ID("PNP0906", "Tseng ET4000")
-ID("PNP0907", "Western Digital VGA")
-ID("PNP0908", "Western Digital Laptop VGA")
-ID("PNP0909", "S3 Inc. 911/924")
-ID("PNP090a", "ATI Ultra Pro/Plus (Mach 32)")
-ID("PNP090b", "ATI Ultra (Mach 8)")
-ID("PNP090c", "XGA Compatible")
-ID("PNP090d", "ATI VGA Wonder")
-ID("PNP090e", "Weitek P9000 Graphics Adapter")
-ID("PNP090f", "Oak Technology VGA")
-ID("PNP0910", "Compaq QVision")
-ID("PNP0911", "XGA/2")
-ID("PNP0912", "Tseng Labs W32/W32i/W32p")
-ID("PNP0913", "S3 Inc. 801/928/964")
-ID("PNP0914", "Cirrus Logic 5429/5434 (memory mapped)")
-ID("PNP0915", "Compaq Advanced VGA (AVGA)")
-ID("PNP0916", "ATI Ultra Pro Turbo (Mach64)")
-ID("PNP0917", "Reserved by Microsoft")
-ID("PNP0918", "Matrox MGA")
-ID("PNP0919", "Compaq QVision 2000")
-ID("PNP091a", "Tseng W128")
-ID("PNP0930", "Chips & Technologies Super VGA")
-ID("PNP0931", "Chips & Technologies Accelerator")
-ID("PNP0940", "NCR 77c22e Super VGA")
-ID("PNP0941", "NCR 77c32blt")
-ID("PNP09ff", "Plug and Play Monitors (VESA DDC)")
-ID("PNP0a00", "ISA Bus")
-ID("PNP0a01", "EISA Bus")
-ID("PNP0a02", "MCA Bus")
-ID("PNP0a03", "PCI Bus")
-ID("PNP0a04", "VESA/VL Bus")
-ID("PNP0a05", "Generic ACPI Bus")
-ID("PNP0a06", "Generic ACPI Extended-IO Bus (EIO bus)")
-ID("PNP0800", "AT-style speaker sound")
-ID("PNP0b00", "AT Real-Time Clock")
-ID("PNP0c00", "Plug and Play BIOS (only created by the root enumerator)")
-ID("PNP0c01", "System Board")
-ID("PNP0c02", "Reserved Motherboard Resources")
-ID("PNP0c03", "Plug and Play BIOS Event Notification Interrupt")
-ID("PNP0c04", "Math Coprocessor")
-ID("PNP0c05", "APM BIOS (Version independent)")
-ID("PNP0c06", "Reserved for identification of early Plug and Play BIOS implementation.")
-ID("PNP0c07", "Reserved for identification of early Plug and Play BIOS implementation.")
-ID("PNP0c08", "ACPI system board hardware")
-ID("PNP0c09", "ACPI Embedded Controller")
-ID("PNP0c0a", "ACPI Control Method Battery")
-ID("PNP0c0b", "ACPI Fan")
-ID("PNP0c0c", "ACPI power button device")
-ID("PNP0c0d", "ACPI lid device")
-ID("PNP0c0e", "ACPI sleep button device")
-ID("PNP0c0f", "PCI interrupt link device")
-ID("PNP0c10", "ACPI system indicator device")
-ID("PNP0c11", "ACPI thermal zone")
-ID("PNP0c12", "Device Bay Controller")
-ID("PNP0c13", "Plug and Play BIOS (used when ACPI mode cannot be used)")
-ID("PNP0e00", "Intel 82365-Compatible PCMCIA Controller")
-ID("PNP0e01", "Cirrus Logic CL-PD6720 PCMCIA Controller")
-ID("PNP0e02", "VLSI VL82C146 PCMCIA Controller")
-ID("PNP0e03", "Intel 82365-compatible CardBus controller")
-ID("PNP0f00", "Microsoft Bus Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f01", "Microsoft Serial Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f02", "Microsoft InPort Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f03", "Microsoft PS/2-style Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f04", "Mouse Systems Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f05", "Mouse Systems 3-Button Mouse (COM2)")
-ID("PNP0f06", "Genius Mouse (COM1)")
-ID("PNP0f07", "Genius Mouse (COM2)")
-ID("PNP0f08", "Logitech Serial Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f09", "Microsoft BallPoint Serial Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f0a", "Microsoft Plug and Play Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f0b", "Microsoft Plug and Play BallPoint Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f0c", "Microsoft-compatible Serial Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f0d", "Microsoft-compatible InPort-compatible Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f0e", "Microsoft-compatible PS/2-style Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f0f", "Microsoft-compatible Serial BallPoint-compatible Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f10", "Texas Instruments QuickPort Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f11", "Microsoft-compatible Bus Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f12", "Logitech PS/2-style Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f13", "PS/2 Port for PS/2-style Mice")
-ID("PNP0f14", "Microsoft Kids Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f15", "Logitech bus mouse")
-ID("PNP0f16", "Logitech SWIFT device")
-ID("PNP0f17", "Logitech-compatible serial mouse")
-ID("PNP0f18", "Logitech-compatible bus mouse")
-ID("PNP0f19", "Logitech-compatible PS/2-style Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f1a", "Logitech-compatible SWIFT Device")
-ID("PNP0f1b", "HP Omnibook Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f1c", "Compaq LTE Trackball PS/2-style Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f1d", "Compaq LTE Trackball Serial Mouse")
-ID("PNP0f1e", "Microsoft Kids Trackball Mouse")
-ID("PNP8001", "Novell/Anthem NE3200")
-ID("PNP8004", "Compaq NE3200")
-ID("PNP8006", "Intel EtherExpress/32")
-ID("PNP8008", "HP EtherTwist EISA LAN Adapter/32 (HP27248A)")
-ID("PNP8065", "Ungermann-Bass NIUps or NIUps/EOTP")
-ID("PNP8072", "DEC (DE211) EtherWorks MC/TP")
-ID("PNP8073", "DEC (DE212) EtherWorks MC/TP_BNC")
-ID("PNP8078", "DCA 10 Mb MCA")
-ID("PNP8074", "HP MC LAN Adapter/16 TP (PC27246)")
-ID("PNP80c9", "IBM Token Ring")
-ID("PNP80ca", "IBM Token Ring II")
-ID("PNP80cb", "IBM Token Ring II/Short")
-ID("PNP80cc", "IBM Token Ring 4/16Mbs")
-ID("PNP80d3", "Novell/Anthem NE1000")
-ID("PNP80d4", "Novell/Anthem NE2000")
-ID("PNP80d5", "NE1000 Compatible")
-ID("PNP80d6", "NE2000 Compatible")
-ID("PNP80d7", "Novell/Anthem NE1500T")
-ID("PNP80d8", "Novell/Anthem NE2100")
-ID("PNP80de", "SMC ARCNET PC100, PC200")
-ID("PNP80df", "SMC ARCNET PC110, PC210, PC250")
-ID("PNP80e0", "SMC ARCNET PC130/E")
-ID("PNP80e1", "SMC ARCNET PC120, PC220, PC260")
-ID("PNP80e2", "SMC ARCNET PC270/E")
-ID("PNP80e5", "SMC ARCNET PC600W, PC650W")
-ID("PNP80e7", "DEC DEPCA")
-ID("PNP80e8", "DEC (DE100) EtherWorks LC")
-ID("PNP80e9", "DEC (DE200) EtherWorks Turbo")
-ID("PNP80ea", "DEC (DE101) EtherWorks LC/TP")
-ID("PNP80eb", "DEC (DE201) EtherWorks Turbo/TP")
-ID("PNP80ec", "DEC (DE202) EtherWorks Turbo/TP_BNC")
-ID("PNP80ed", "DEC (DE102) EtherWorks LC/TP_BNC")
-ID("PNP80ee", "DEC EE101 (Built-In)")
-ID("PNP80ef", "DECpc 433 WS (Built-In)")
-ID("PNP80f1", "3Com EtherLink Plus")
-ID("PNP80f3", "3Com EtherLink II or IITP (8 or 16-bit)")
-ID("PNP80f4", "3Com TokenLink")
-ID("PNP80f6", "3Com EtherLink 16")
-ID("PNP80f7", "3Com EtherLink III")
-ID("PNP80f8", "3Com Generic Etherlink Plug and Play Device")
-ID("PNP80fb", "Thomas Conrad TC6045")
-ID("PNP80fc", "Thomas Conrad TC6042")
-ID("PNP80fd", "Thomas Conrad TC6142")
-ID("PNP80fe", "Thomas Conrad TC6145")
-ID("PNP80ff", "Thomas Conrad TC6242")
-ID("PNP8100", "Thomas Conrad TC6245")
-ID("PNP8105", "DCA 10 MB")
-ID("PNP8106", "DCA 10 MB Fiber Optic")
-ID("PNP8107", "DCA 10 MB Twisted Pair")
-ID("PNP8113", "Racal NI6510")
-ID("PNP811c", "Ungermann-Bass NIUpc")
-ID("PNP8120", "Ungermann-Bass NIUpc/EOTP")
-ID("PNP8123", "SMC StarCard PLUS (WD/8003S)")
-ID("PNP8124", "SMC StarCard PLUS With On Board Hub (WD/8003SH)")
-ID("PNP8125", "SMC EtherCard PLUS (WD/8003E)")
-ID("PNP8126", "SMC EtherCard PLUS With Boot ROM Socket (WD/8003EBT)")
-ID("PNP8127", "SMC EtherCard PLUS With Boot ROM Socket (WD/8003EB)")
-ID("PNP8128", "SMC EtherCard PLUS TP (WD/8003WT)")
-ID("PNP812a", "SMC EtherCard PLUS 16 With Boot ROM Socket (WD/8013EBT)")
-ID("PNP812d", "Intel EtherExpress 16 or 16TP")
-ID("PNP812f", "Intel TokenExpress 16/4")
-ID("PNP8130", "Intel TokenExpress MCA 16/4")
-ID("PNP8132", "Intel EtherExpress 16 (MCA)")
-ID("PNP8137", "Artisoft AE-1")
-ID("PNP8138", "Artisoft AE-2 or AE-3")
-ID("PNP8141", "Amplicard AC 210/XT")
-ID("PNP8142", "Amplicard AC 210/AT")
-ID("PNP814b", "Everex SpeedLink /PC16 (EV2027)")
-ID("PNP8155", "HP PC LAN Adapter/8 TP (HP27245)")
-ID("PNP8156", "HP PC LAN Adapter/16 TP (HP27247A)")
-ID("PNP8157", "HP PC LAN Adapter/8 TL (HP27250)")
-ID("PNP8158", "HP PC LAN Adapter/16 TP Plus (HP27247B)")
-ID("PNP8159", "HP PC LAN Adapter/16 TL Plus (HP27252)")
-ID("PNP815f", "National Semiconductor Ethernode *16AT")
-ID("PNP8160", "National Semiconductor AT/LANTIC EtherNODE 16-AT3")
-ID("PNP816a", "NCR Token-Ring 4 Mbs ISA")
-ID("PNP816d", "NCR Token-Ring 16/4 Mbs ISA")
-ID("PNP8191", "Olicom 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter")
-ID("PNP81c3", "SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite (WD/8003EP)")
-ID("PNP81c4", "SMC EtherCard PLUS 10T (WD/8003W)")
-ID("PNP81c5", "SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16 (WD/8013EP)")
-ID("PNP81c6", "SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16T (WD/8013W)")
-ID("PNP81c7", "SMC EtherCard PLUS Elite 16 Combo (WD/8013EW or 8013EWC)")
-ID("PNP81c8", "SMC EtherElite Ultra 16")
-ID("PNP81e4", "Pure Data PDI9025-32 (Token Ring)")
-ID("PNP81e6", "Pure Data PDI508+ (ArcNet)")
-ID("PNP81e7", "Pure Data PDI516+ (ArcNet)")
-ID("PNP81eb", "Proteon Token Ring (P1390)")
-ID("PNP81ec", "Proteon Token Ring (P1392)")
-ID("PNP81ed", "Proteon ISA Token Ring (1340)")
-ID("PNP81ee", "Proteon ISA Token Ring (1342)")
-ID("PNP81ef", "Proteon ISA Token Ring (1346)")
-ID("PNP81f0", "Proteon ISA Token Ring (1347)")
-ID("PNP81ff", "Cabletron E2000 Series DNI")
-ID("PNP8200", "Cabletron E2100 Series DNI")
-ID("PNP8209", "Zenith Data Systems Z-Note")
-ID("PNP820a", "Zenith Data Systems NE2000-Compatible")
-ID("PNP8213", "Xircom Pocket Ethernet II")
-ID("PNP8214", "Xircom Pocket Ethernet I")
-ID("PNP821d", "RadiSys EXM-10")
-ID("PNP8227", "SMC 3000 Series")
-ID("PNP8228", "SMC 91C2 controller")
-ID("PNP8231", "Advanced Micro Devices AM2100/AM1500T")
-ID("PNP8263", "Tulip NCC-16")
-ID("PNP8277", "Exos 105")
-ID("PNP828a", "Intel '595 based Ethernet")
-ID("PNP828b", "TI2000-style Token Ring")
-ID("PNP828c", "AMD PCNet Family cards")
-ID("PNP828d", "AMD PCNet32 (VL version)")
-ID("PNP8294", "IrDA Infrared NDIS driver (Microsoft-supplied)")
-ID("PNP82c2", "Xircom CE10")
-ID("PNP82c3", "Xircom CEM2")
-ID("PNP8321", "DEC Ethernet (All Types)")
-ID("PNP8323", "SMC EtherCard (All Types except 8013/A)")
-ID("PNP8324", "ARCNET Compatible")
-ID("PNP8326", "Thomas Conrad (All Arcnet Types)")
-ID("PNP8327", "IBM Token Ring (All Types)")
-ID("PNP8385", "Remote Network Access Driver")
-ID("PNP8387", "RNA Point-to-point Protocol Driver")
-ID("PNP8388", "Reserved for Microsoft Networking components")
-ID("PNP8389", "Peer IrLAN infrared driver (Microsoft-supplied)")
-ID("PNP8390", "Generic network adapter")
-ID("PNPa002", "Future Domain 16-700 compatible controller")
-ID("PNPa003", "Panasonic proprietary CD-ROM adapter (SBPro/SB16)")
-ID("PNPa01b", "Trantor 128 SCSI Controller")
-ID("PNPa01d", "Trantor T160 SCSI Controller")
-ID("PNPa01e", "Trantor T338 Parallel SCSI controller")
-ID("PNPa01f", "Trantor T348 Parallel SCSI controller")
-ID("PNPa020", "Trantor Media Vision SCSI controller")
-ID("PNPa022", "Always IN-2000 SCSI controller")
-ID("PNPa02b", "Sony proprietary CD-ROM controller")
-ID("PNPa02d", "Trantor T13b 8-bit SCSI controller")
-ID("PNPa02f", "Trantor T358 Parallel SCSI controller")
-ID("PNPa030", "Mitsumi LU-005 Single Speed CD-ROM controller + drive")
-ID("PNPa031", "Mitsumi FX-001 Single Speed CD-ROM controller + drive")
-ID("PNPa032", "Mitsumi FX-001 Double Speed CD-ROM controller + drive")
-ID("PNPb000", "Sound Blaster 1.5 sound device")
-ID("PNPb001", "Sound Blaster 2.0 sound device")
-ID("PNPb002", "Sound Blaster Pro sound device")
-ID("PNPb003", "Sound Blaster 16 sound device")
-ID("PNPb004", "Thunderboard-compatible sound device")
-ID("PNPb005", "Adlib-compatible FM synthesizer device")
-ID("PNPb006", "MPU401 compatible")
-ID("PNPb007", "Microsoft Windows Sound System-compatible sound device")
-ID("PNPb008", "Compaq Business Audio")
-ID("PNPb009", "Plug and Play Microsoft Windows Sound System Device")
-ID("PNPb00a", "MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum (Trantor SCSI enabled, Thunder Chip Disabled)")
-ID("PNPb00b", "MediaVision Pro Audio 3D")
-ID("PNPb00c", "MusicQuest MQX-32M")
-ID("PNPb00d", "MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum Basic (No Trantor SCSI, Thunder Chip Enabled)")
-ID("PNPb00e", "MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum (Trantor SCSI enabled, Thunder Chip Enabled)")
-ID("PNPb00f", "MediaVision Jazz-16 chipset (OEM Versions)")
-ID("PNPb010", "Auravision VxP500 chipset - Orchid Videola")
-ID("PNPb018", "MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum 8-bit")
-ID("PNPb019", "MediaVision Pro Audio Spectrum Basic (no Trantor SCSI, Thunder chip Disabled)")
-ID("PNPb020", "Yamaha OPL3-compatible FM synthesizer device")
-ID("PNPb02f", "Joystick/Game port")
-ID("PNPb000", "Compaq 14400 Modem (TBD)")
-ID("PNPc001", "Compaq 2400/9600 Modem (TBD)")
-ID("PNP0XXX", "Unknown System Device")
-ID("PNP8XXX", "Unknown Network Adapter")
-ID("PNPaXXX", "Unknown SCSI, Proprietary CD Adapter")
-ID("PNPbXXX", "Unknown Multimedia Device")
-ID("PNPcXXX", "Unknown Modem")
-#undef ID
diff -Nru a/drivers/pnp/names.c b/drivers/pnp/names.c
--- a/drivers/pnp/names.c Tue Aug 5 21:24:40 2003
+++ /dev/null Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 1969
@@ -1,50 +0,0 @@
- * names.c - a very simple name database for PnP devices
- *
- * Some code is based on names.c from linux pci
- * Copyright 1993--1999 Drew Eckhardt, Frederic Potter,
- * David Mosberger-Tang, Martin Mares
- *
- * Copyright 2002 Adam Belay <>
- *
- */
-#include <linux/string.h>
-#include <linux/pnp.h>
-#include "base.h"
-static char *pnp_id_eisaid[] = {
-#define ID(x,y) x,
-#include "idlist.h"
-static char *pnp_id_names[] = {
-#define ID(x,y) y,
-#include "idlist.h"
-pnp_name_device(struct pnp_dev *dev)
- int i;
- char *name = dev->;
- for(i=0; i<sizeof(pnp_id_eisaid)/sizeof(pnp_id_eisaid[0]); i++){
- if (compare_pnp_id(dev->id,pnp_id_eisaid[i])){
- snprintf(name, DEVICE_NAME_SIZE, "%s", pnp_id_names[i]);
- return;
- }
- }
-pnp_name_device(struct pnp_dev *dev)
- return;
-#endif /* CONFIG_PNP_NAMES */
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