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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Export touch_nmi_watchdog
> > >  - either fix the driver
> > > or
> > > - disable the watchdog entirely.
> >
> > In principle you are soooo right. Just that it sometimes is HARD to fix
> > such long delays...
> That's why I said "disable the watchdog".

> But since the whole _point_ of watchdogging is to find places like this,
> when you paper over _these_ symptoms, you end up killing the whole idea.
> Which is why I'd suggest making it a more conscious decision: just turn
> off watchdog support. And if somebody needs watchdog support with a broken
> driver, maybe, just _maybe_, he'll find the energy to fix the frigging
> thing.

We had the same situation a while back (2.2.x, early 2.4.x era) with systems
that had (have, they still exist) a 1 second WD tied to the hard RESET line.
1 second with interrupts off == reboot. Let me tell you, we found a LOT of
places where there were problems. Network drivers, routing stuff, SCSI,
etc. We fixed some, and hacked around some in this same manner.

Now, if I have a chance to port Cobalt crap to 2.6, we'll see how many of
our changes were merged, in concept or in code.

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