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SubjectRe: i_blksize
> Looks like I got myself confused

Yes. But nevertheless, now that you brought this up,
we might consider throwing out i_blksize.

I am not aware of anybody who actually uses this to give
per-file advice. So, it could be in the superblock.
There is no reason why it would be a power of two -
the case mentioned yesterday or so was cifs, with

inode->i_blksize =
(pTcon->ses->server->maxBuf - MAX_CIFS_HDR_SIZE) & 0xFFFFFE00;

I see no reason not to replace i_blksize by i_sb->s_optimal_io_size.

Any objections?

If sizeof(struct inode) decreases by 1% then we can keep 1% more inodes.

That reminds me - I threw out i_dev and i_cdev, but Al reintroduced i_cdev.
We should do as some comment says and make a union with i_bdev and i_pipe.
Another 8 bytes gone.


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