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Subject2.4.22-pre9, 8139too driver: eth0: Too much work at interrupt

[I searched lkml archives for this, but nothing really useful came up,
othewr than it did not happen on much older versions of 2.4.x]

When I transfer any large files via scp or other means on the local
100 Mbps network, I get the following error messages:

eth0: Too much work at interrupt: IntrStatus=0x0040

Are they just debug printk's? My NFS connections stall and sometimes
cause errors in programs writing via NFS. (The machine exhibiting the
symptoms is the NFS client.)

This is with 2.4.22-pre9, UP IO-APIC and ACPI enabled. The board is a
Gigabyte GA7VXP with onboard 8139 ethernet.

This also happens with 2.4.21. I haven't tried any older kernels since
the machine is new.

Does anyone have any ideas? thanks in advance.


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