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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test2, sensors and sysfs
On 31 Jul 2003 18:36:02 +0200
Flameeyes <> wrote:

> I need to know the system temperature for check some stability problems,
> under 2.4 I was using lm_sensors patches, using i2c-viapro as i2c bus
> and via686a as chip driver (I'm using a via 686 southbridge, see the
> lspci output attached), and I was able to use sensors for see the
> temperatures.
> With the 2.6.0-test2 (and all earlier kernels since 2.5.69), I'm not
> able anymore to see the temperature, nor with sensor (or libsensor
> library) nor with sysfs (that, AFAIK, should be the new method to access
> sensors data).
> The only i2c device that I can see in the sysfs is the tuner of my
> bt-based tv card.
> I tried either with i2c-viapro and via686a as modules, and built-in in
> kernel. Nothing changes. Also dmesg doesn't output anything.
> I have missed something?

Currently (2.6.0-test2) i2c-viapro and via686a don't work together -
you can use only one of them. This is because they want to work with
the same PCI device - and having multiple drivers for one device is
not allowed for obvious reasons.

This issue is already known to the lm_sensors developers.

So you will need to remove i2c-viapro for now (but leave i2c-isa);
then you will see the via686a sensors again.

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