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SubjectRe: do_div considered harmful
> Sometimes the slash-star operator comes in handy.

Certainly an improvement. Maybe it will help a little.

But really, do_div is not a C function, it has very
nonintuitive behaviour.
The two bugs are: (i) the name is wrong, it returns a
remainder but the name only talks about dividing, and
(ii) worst of all, it changes its first argument.

> + * uint32_t do_div(uint64_t *n, uint32_t base)

And the comment that you added, copied from elsewhere,
is confusing too. The first parameter is not uint64_t *.
This thing cannot be described in C.

I would still like to replace do_div by DO_DIV_AND_REM
as a big fat warning - this is a macro, read the definition.
And the common case, where no remainder is used, by DO_DIV
#define DO_DIV(a,b) (void) DO_DIV_AND_REM(a,b)


[Perhaps DO_DIV64, to also indicate a type.]

[The same problem happens with sector_div. I recall having
to fix sector_div calls in scsi code. These functions are
bugs waiting to happen. Nobody expects that after
res = func(a,b);
the value of a has changed.]
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