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SubjectRe: MSI K8D-Master - GART error 3
"Simon Garner" <> writes:

> Aug 4 12:52:41 terra kernel: Northbridge status 9405c00000000a13
> Aug 4 12:52:41 terra kernel: GART error 3

There is nothing in any of my trees that generates such a message.
If it was GART related it would be either "GART TLB error ..." or
"extended error gart error". But even that should not happen anymore,
see below.

I don't know what the RedHat kernel does, they may have changed the MCE
handler over the reference port.

> The system also has an Adaptec 2120S scsi raid card.

Probably the driver is doing something bad with the pci_dma API
(which uses the GART on x86-64)

You can always disable it with mce=off or better mce=0
as the message seems to be caused by the periodic non fatal MCE check timer.

However there was a bug in the MCE handler where it managed to turn on
an GART related MCE event through the backdoor that doesn't work
correctly and is sometimes raised spuriously. But at least in the SuSE
beta9 kernel or recent kernels this should have been
fixed. But it doesn't generate such a error message anyways,
so it's hard to know what the exact cause is.

I would suggest to retry with a recent CVS kernel and see
if it still happens there.

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