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SubjectRe: [PATCH] O13int for interactivity
Bad news, I guess...

I'm experiencing XMMS skips with 2.6.0-test2-mm4 + O13int patch. They
are easily reproducible when browsing through the menus of

My KDE session is configured with the Keramik style, using XRender
transparencies and drop-down shadows for the menus. When browsing the
"Bookmarks" Konqueror drop-down menu, XMMS pauses audio playback very
briedly. The skip starts at the moment at which I click the "Bookmarks"
menu and lasts until the menu is displayed completely on the screen. My
Konqueror "Bookmarks" menu is really big, occupying almost the entire
screen height (over 700 pixels).

The XMMS skips can also be reproduced while navigating through web pages
that require a lot of CPU horsepower, like for example, When browsing through the nice wallpapers
at the site, Konqueror hogs the CPU and XMMS starts skipping.

Both scenarios can be reproduced with either XMMS or MPlayer, so I guess
is not an isolated problem with an specific player. Also, the XMMS skips
are not reproducible with previous releases of your scheduler patches.

Hope this helps!

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