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    SubjectRe: Single P4, many IDE PCI cards == trouble??
    Dear Folks,

    Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:

    > Hi Nick,
    > On Friday 29 August 2003 16:00, Nick Urbanik wrote:
    > >
    > > Performance is a relatively minor issue compared with stability and
    > > low cost.
    > >
    > > Is there _anyone_ who is using a number of ATA133 IDE disks (>=6),
    > > each on its own IDE channel, on a number of PCI IDE cards, and
    > > doing so successfully and reliably? I begin to suspect not! If
    > > so, please tell us what motherboard, IDE cards you are using. I
    > > used to imagine that a terabyte of RAID storage on one P4 machine
    > > with ordinary cheap IDE cards with software RAID would be feasible.
    > > I believe it is not (although I cannot afford to play musical
    > > motherboards).
    > It is. I'm running several pretty stable systems with IDE SW RAID 5
    > on top of Promise TX2/100 (~30 Eur) controllers.

    Is that the PDC20270 chipset? What motherboard are you using (i.e., I guess
    you are using two IDE channels on the motherboard, so what chipset are you
    using there)? What kernel? Are you using ide-scsi at the same time? A DVD
    player? If so, how have you connected them? What is the biggest number of
    hard disks you are using? What size?

    I would like to try this out myself. Thank you---this is the first success
    story I have heard!

    Nick Urbanik RHCE nicku(at)
    Dept. of Information & Communications Technology
    Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Tsing Yi)
    Tel: (852) 2436 8576, (852) 2436 8713 Fax: (852) 2436 8526
    PGP: 53 B6 6D 73 52 EE 1F EE EC F8 21 98 45 1C 23 7B ID: 7529555D
    GPG: 7FFA CDC7 5A77 0558 DC7A 790A 16DF EC5B BB9D 2C24 ID: BB9D2C24

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