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SubjectRe: Turning off automatic screen clanking
Timothy Miller <> writes:

Hello Timothy,

> So, if there's no point to having screen-blanking, why is it in there
> to begin with? To protect OLD monitors from burnin?

> Is screen-blanking there just to make people feel better who think
> they need screen-blanking? As I understand, it doesn't do any
> power-management stuff anyhow.

My monitor (Iiyama Vision Master Pro 21) turns its power off as soon
as it realizes that the screen was staying black for a certain amount
of time (configurable). It hasn't anything to do with power management
stuff, since I can also reproduce it by turning the cursor off and
then typing "clear; sleep 10000000" in my shell.

That's why I appreciate the kernel console blanking.

Although I suppose it would do the same if you just cycle the colors,
since the monitor shouldn't notice the difference. But you would have
to cycle the colors to black, I guess. "very dark grey" would probably
not be enough.

And then I see no point in cycling the colors instead of blanking.

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