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Subject2.6.0-test2-bk2 usb hid problems

Having tried many houres to get usb module loading working with the
current latest linux version I hate to say I haven't been able to make
any progress.

I do have the latest module-init-tools plus all the other requirements
in Documentation/Changes are passed.

I first configured the kernel to have CONFIG_MOUSEDEV as module, uhci-
hcd as builtin and hid related as modules. Ok so far. I also have other
modules for example netfilter and nic drivers.

Rebooted to the new kernel, it starts nicely but /dev/input/mouse0
(13:32 if i remember correctly) doesn't exist. So I try to load
appropiate drivers in /lib/modules/.../kernel/drivers/usb/*/*. For each
module the latest and the 0.9.12 version of module-init-tools tells
me "FATAL: $modulename not found". insmod doesn't recognize the module
format, tells something like "Insertion failed" plus -1 as error code
(not as the exit code).

For all other modules modprobe + insmod work file. modinfo works for
those usb modules and all others too.

Hope this helps.. Could you please include me in CC or BCC as i can't
be on the list because of missing email client (have to use crappy


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