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    Subjectdo_div considered harmful
    Writing this ide capacity patch an hour ago or so
    I split off a helper sectors_to_MB() since Erik's recent
    patch uses this also.
    Now that I compare, he wrote
    nativeMb = do_div(nativeMb, 1000000);
    to divide nativeMb by 1000000.
    Similarly, I find in fs/cifs/inode.c
    inode->i_blocks = do_div(findData.NumOfBytes, inode->i_blksize);

    So, it seems natural to expect that do_div() gives the quotient.
    But it gives the remainder.
    (Strange, Erik showed correct output.)

    Since the semantics of this object are very unlike that of a C function,
    I wonder whether we should write DO_DIV instead, or DO_DIV_AND_REM
    to show that a remainder is returned.

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