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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test2-mm3 and mysql

I looked at your .err file, and you have really got very bad corruption.

The first crash looks like there were index records in the insert buffer to
insert to a page, but the contents of that page were completely wiped to

After that crash, InnoDB fails to recover, because the log contains an index
record insertion to a page which is completely wiped to zero except for the
lsn field at the start and the end of the page.

Are you running the same workload on MySQL-4.0.14 on other computers?

What MySQL version did you run previously on this computer or did you create
the tablespace from scratch?

Did you upgrade MySQL before upgrading to Linux-2.6, or after that?

Before blaming Linux-2.6 we should know the same load runs ok on
MySQL-4.0.14 on some Linux-2.4 box.



List: linux-kernel
Subject: Re: 2.6.0-test2-mm3 and mysql
From: "Sergey S. Kostyliov" <rathamahata () php4 ! ru>
Date: 2003-08-03 18:58:17
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Hello Andrew,

On Sunday 03 August 2003 05:04, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Shane Shrybman <> wrote:


> > One last thing, I have started seeing mysql database corruption
> > recently. I am not sure it is a kernel problem. And I don't know the
> > exact steps to reproduce it, but I think I started seeing it with
> > -test2-mm2. I haven't ever seen db corruption in the 8-12 months I have
> > being playing with mysql/php.
> hm, that's a worry. No additional info available?

I also suffer from this problem (I'm speaking about heavy InnoDB corruption
here), but with vanilla 2.6.0-test2. I can't blame MySQL/InnoDB because
there are a lot of MySQL boxes around of me with the same (in fact the box
wich failed is replication slave) or allmost the same database setup.
All other boxes (2.4 kernel) works fine up to now.

Sorry but I can't provide additional info. There was no messages in kernel
All I have is mysql error logs. But I'm afraid they are not very helpfull
for kernel developers.

System is x86 UP PIII 500, 1Gb RAM with software RAID1 over two scsi disks.

Best regards,
Sergey S. Kostyliov <>
Public PGP key:

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