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SubjectRe: sleeping in dev->tx_timeout?
Abraham van der Merwe wrote:
> Hi Zwane >@2003.08.03_21:10:56_+0200
>>>Is it safe to sleep in tx_timeout (in the networking code), i.e. to call
>>>schedule_timeout and friends from that routine?
>>No it's called from softirq context and with the dev->xmit_lock held in
> That's what I thought. How are you supposed to wait for long periods from
> tx_timeout? My problem is that I have a chip reset which takes around 10ms
> (i.e. too long to use mdelay())

Simple answer, don't wait in tx_timeout :)

These days drivers often need quite a while for hardware reset. I am
pushing to move this code, long term, into process context. So, in
* disable NIC and interrupts as best you can, quickly
* schedule_task/schedule_work to schedule the full hardware reset


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