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SubjectRe: Single P4, many IDE PCI cards == trouble??
On Fri, 29 Aug 2003 22:00:58 +0800, Nick Urbanik said:

> what motherboard, IDE cards you are using. I used to imagine that a
> terabyte of RAID storage on one P4 machine with ordinary cheap IDE cards
> with software RAID would be feasible. I believe it is not (although I
> cannot afford to play musical motherboards).
> I am giving up now, and have shelled out big dollars for a 3ware 7506-8,
> which I will install early next week once I've figured out how to back up
> and restore 203GB without shelling out even more money.

Exactly. The *real* reason why a terabyte of RAID is expensive - if it's
important enough to RAID, it's important enough to back up (with the possible
exception of RAID striping for performance on a multi-hundred-gig scratch

/Valdis (who once got to clean up 600M of mess after a busticated RAID
controller dropped its cache to the right blocks on the wrong disks :)
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