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Subject2.4.22-uv1 patch set released
Hi all,
I've placed the update version 1 (2.4.22-uv1) patch set at for those who want to
download it.

This patch set only contains and will only contain security updates and
fixes for the latest kernel version. Each individual patch contains text
WRT the patch itself and the creator of the patch, I will try to keep doing
that as standard reference for the complete collection.

Please send bug reports to

The individual patches are:

linux-2.4.22-extraversion.patch: Updated the extraversion in the Makefile

linux-2.4.22-amd64-compile.patch: Fixes broken x86-64 compilation

linux-2.4.22-amd76x_pm.c-crash.patch: Fix amd67x_pm.c crash with no chipsets

linux-2.4.22-atm-pca-200epc.patch: when clip isnt a module, the common code
try to manipulate the module count while fails.

linux-2.4.22-hardirq-race.patch: Fix possible IRQ handling SMP race

linux-2.4.22-initrd-netboot.patch: Handle -EBUSY in mount_block_root for

linux-2.4.22-pcwd-unload-oops.patch: This patch is from Alan Cox and fixes
problems when pcwd driver is loaded while there is no pcwd hardware

linux-2.4.22-updates.patch: All the above patches rolled into a single

James Bourne

James Bourne | Email:
Unix Systems Administrator | WWW:
Custom Unix Programming | Linux: The choice of a GNU generation
"All you need's an occasional kick in the philosophy." Frank Herbert

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