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SubjectRe: 2.4.22pre8 hangs too (Re: 2.4.21-jam1 solid hangs)
On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 10:13:41AM +0900, you [TeJun Huh] wrote:
> Your problem sounds very simlar to the problem we were suffering.
> The problem was a spinlock deadlock inside drivers/char/random.c which
> is used by tcp to generate random initial sequence number. The bug
> fix was checked into 2.4 tree on 28th July after the release of pre8
> at 14th July.

Uhh, I tried 2.4.22pre8 a while ago (I think it was Herbert Pötzl's
suggestion), and it locked up too. Shame that the fix didn't make it in

I'll give .22-final a spin.

> This problem can happen on UP machine if the kernel is compiled with

This is UP box and the kernel is _not_ compiled with CONFIG_SMP.

> Because the offending routine is called only every five
> minutes and it should receive a SYN packet while it's connecting, it
> occurs rarely, but it happens when it happens.

In my case, the lock up seems clearly related to disk io: it usually happens
during the nightly oracle backup dump, and at some point it kept happening
while compiling kernel. (It's random, I can no longer reproduce it by just
compiling a kernel.)

Do you still think it could be the same one?

> Please try 2.4.22.
> P.S. This bug is a real headache. We had many servers deployed and
> they all randomly locked up about every two or four weeks. I believe
> people should be warned about this one.

What's really strange is that the box kept running with 2.4.20pre7 for
almost a year without problems (with the same oracle dump jub in nightly
cron), and then suddenly begun acting up on my the first day of my summer

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