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SubjectRE: KDB in the mainstream 2.4.x kernels?
On Iau, 2003-08-28 at 18:08, Tolentino, Matthew E wrote:
> > I've seen workable non forth versions of the proposal yes. It isnt
> > actually that hard to do for most video cards
> Interesting. So did the interpreted forth (or other) program then interact with the VGA BIOS or was it more generic?

It consisted simply of a list of in/out values. Thats sufficient for
most cards it turned out. It expected the X server to dump the sequence
of values to the kernel.

A BIOS32/ACPI/whatever is currently trendy service to save/restore video
states would actually be a real help to a lot of things. I guess the
perfect would API would support something like

SetMode (some properties)
LoadColor() [for 8bit modes]

ie roughly what vesa bios provides. Given the cost of executing a
virtual machine like ACPI its less clear if cards could describe
basic acceleration this way, at least if it was something like ACPI
or forth which is hard to compile. A bytecode description that can
be turned into native code obviously has different properties.

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