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SubjectRe: Lockless file reading
> wrote:
> > > Probability on the order of 2^-32 with MD5 any-pairs collision.
> > MD5 is 128 bit output, so that's around 2^64 pairs before you have a birthday.
> Right. Dozy me :)
> > > Do you still have the GIFs?
> >
> > There arn't that many GIFs in the world.
> > I'd be really surprised if there were that many pictures in the world.
> I'd be really surprised if what you saw wasn't a software error,
> misreporting or miscalculating the MD5.

Or perhaps more likely, truncating the hash to 32 bits, in which case for most
people there won't be a problem, as a collision isn't likely until you get
to tens of thousands of images.

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