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SubjectRe: usb-storage: how to ruin your hardware(?)
> On Thu, Aug 28, 2003 at 04:59:14AM +0200, H.Rosmanith (Kernel Mailing List) wrote:
> > the contradiction to this is that the flashdisk can be used
> > in a "partition-less" state where it is possible to use the
> > whole device at one: "mke2fs /dev/sdb". you have to use the
> > vendor formating-tool to make the flashdisk look like an USB_FDD
> > device. but even in USB_HDD mode with partitions, the partitions
> > still look strange, not ending on cylinder boundaries and so on.
> I have seen several posts from you, but all in this vague, almost
> information-free style.

the information is vague, because I don't exactly know how I manage
to stop the drive working.

> It would be of interest if you described your actions and the results
> in detail. Or if you gave explicitly the partition table that you
> consider strange.

hm, that's not so easy. I notice that the drive stops working, but
I can't exactly tell when. Unfortunately I can't give you the
partition table of the new drive anymore, because it's alread gone ;-)

> [If you only think about cylinder boundaries: cylinders do not exist,
> and cylinder boundaries do not exist either. So that in itself does
> not mean a thing.]

well ... I would assume that a proper "emulation" of a harddisk by a
flashdrive would also look like a real harddisk, with correct
cylinder boundaries. But obviously, this is not the case. Should
I get a new drive, I will mail you the strange-looking partiotion-table:
it will look like "physical start at (0,3,3)" or similar.

best regards,

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