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SubjectRe: tasklet_kill will always hang for recursive tasklets on a UP
On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 11:16:52PM +0530, Nagendra Singh Tomar wrote:
> Juergen,
> The whole tasklet_kill function is a big confusion. It is a big
> misnomer as Werner rightly said. For non-recursive tasklets this
> function does not do anything. Its just an expensive "nop". If you simply
> call tasklet_schedule after tasklet_kill, it will execute as nothing had
> happened.
> If we remove the line
> clear_bit(TASKLET_STATE_SCHED, &t->state);
> from tasklet_kill then tasklet_kill will have the desired effect of
> "killing" the tasklet, tasklet_schedule() after tasklet_kill in that case,
> will not call __tasklet_kill and hence it will not be queued to the CPU
> queue and hence it will not run (desired effect).

Here we have it! In my opintion, the line

clear_bit(TASKLET_STATE_SCHED, &t->state);

is just a _BUG_. The programmer _wanted_ to write

set_bit(TASKLET_STATE_SCHED, &t->state);

In this case the function tasklet_kill _makes sense_ (beside
the problem of not working with recursive taskets)!
It will mostly be called in the cleanup function of a module
and - yes - it would be useful.

So in my opintion
1. we should fix the bug (very easy)
2. we should find some means to make it usable for recursive tasklets.

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