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Subject[RFC] /proc/ide/hdx/settings with ide-default pseudo-driver is a 2.6/2.7 show-stopper


Some background first: we need ide-default driver (set as a device driver
for all driver-less ide devices) mainly because we allow changing devices
settings through /proc/ide/hdX/settings and some of them (current_speed,
pio_mode) are processed via request queue (we are currently preallocating
gendisk and queue structs for all possible ide devices). The next problem
is that ide-default doesn't register itself with ide and driverfs.
If it does it will "steal" devices meaned to be used by other drivers.

If we want dynamic hwifs/devices, moving gendisks/queues allocation
to device drivers and ide integration with driverfs we need to:

(a) kill /proc/ide/hdX/settings for driver-less devices and kill ide-default


(b) add much more shit to ide-default and deal with driver ordering madness
when integrating with driverfs

Any important reasons why we cant chose solution (a)?


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