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Subject[PATCH] fix arcnet printk parameter types

Please apply.

patch_name: arcnet_sizes.patch
patch_version: 2003-08-27.18:18:38
author: Randy.Dunlap <>
description: arcnet: fix printk parameter types;
product: Linux
product_versions: 260-test4
maintainer: ??

diff -Naur ./drivers/net/arcnet/arcnet.c~arcsize ./drivers/net/arcnet/arcnet.c
--- ./drivers/net/arcnet/arcnet.c~arcsize Fri Aug 22 16:57:49 2003
+++ ./drivers/net/arcnet/arcnet.c Wed Aug 27 11:39:26 2003
@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@
arc_proto_map[count] = arc_proto_default;

- printk("arcnet: struct sizes: %d %d %d %d %d\n",
+ printk("arcnet: struct sizes: %Zd %Zd %Zd %Zd %Zd\n",
sizeof(struct arc_hardware), sizeof(struct arc_rfc1201),
sizeof(struct arc_rfc1051), sizeof(struct arc_eth_encap),
sizeof(struct archdr));

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