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SubjectRe: How to use an USB<->serial adapter?
Daniel Egger wrote:
> Am Mon, 2003-08-25 um 08.24 schrieb Boszormenyi Zoltan:
>>What product is this? Mine is a Wiretek UN8BE, based on Prolific 2303.
> Mine is from STLAB.
> ...
>>In the shop they said this one cannot be used as a null-link but works
>>with external serial devices, e.g. modems. I have yet to verify this
>>statement myself.
> Doesn't really make sense to me. RS232 is specified electrically, the
> adapter doesn't know which kind of device it is talking to. I'm using
> mine to connect to a TTL-RS232 adapter which sits on a DSL-router, so
> it's like a "null-link".

Now, I was able to get an external modem. No workee...
The modem RD/TD LEDs are flashing, DTR is lit on permanently
so the modem is receiving and *tries to send*. Maybe the shop
went this far in testing to say that the cable works. :-(
But the PC isn't receiving. E.g. in WinXX, the modem is not found,
in RH9, no dialing out.

At least it is consistent with my findings with the null-link cable.
Back to the shop and sorry for the noise.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

What did Hussein say about his knife?
One in Bush worth two in the hand.

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