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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Nick's scheduler policy v7
At 08:41 PM 8/25/2003 +1000, Nick Piggin wrote:


>I didn't miss 5 revisions, I'll just stick to using my internal
>numbering for releases.
>This one has a few changes. Children now get a priority boost
>on fork, and parents retain more priority after forking a child,
>however exiting CPU hogs will now penalise parents a bit.
>Timeslice scaling was tweaked a bit. Oh and remember raising X's
>priority should _help_ interactivity with this patch, and IMO is
>not an unreasonable thing to be doing.
>Please test. I'm not getting enough feedback!

Heavy parallel make throughput is still down a little over 10%, but X
choppiness is markedly improved. Test-starve is now working. One thing
that I noticed is that irman takes quite a bit longer to complete than with
stock. I've attached the results of that, plus some contest numbers. My
local variant of contest has a couple of differences to stock: dbench
doesn't run so many instances, and list_load is just a small tree being
md5summed. There are two additional loads as well. ab_load is an ancient
apache bench jabbering with an also ancient apache (boring static page via
localhost)... you can guess what irman2_load is :)

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