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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] Futex non-page-pinning fix
Not pinning the pages, and going by mapping,index (including
swapper_space,swap_index case) seems fine; with a special case
of struct page * for the anonymous not yet assigned to swap.

(Very tempting to assign to swap early to avoid that special
case; but swapoff,swapless,swapon make that unreasonable.)

But I do not understand how futex_wake can still be doing a
this->page == page test: its __pin_page will ensure that some
page is faulted in, but that's not necessarily the same page
as in this->page.

I believe you need mapping,index in struct futex_q (with
swapper_space just one possibility for mapping), and the
struct page * considered an exceptional (though common) case.

I strongly agree with Andrew that add_to_swap and
delete_from_swap_cache (probably the one without the __s)
are the places for switching the anonymous, not page_io.c:
page->mapping will be set and unset in those, and it's
page->mapping that you're keying off in hash_futex.

But I disagree over move_to/from_swap_cache: nothing should
be done there at all. Once you have mapping,index in struct
futex_q, it's irrelevant what tmpfs might be doing to the
page->mapping,page->index of the unmapped page.

I dare not think what locking may be necessary, to manage
the switch from hashing by struct page * to hashing by


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