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Subject[PATCH] [2.4] /proc/ioports overrun for long device names
We've seen some memory corruption on systems where we have long device
names, since the last entry when you cat /proc/ioports might run over into
the next page. The check is only to make sure there's room for 80
characters, when there's more than that (i.e. 64-bit addresses + long
device names), there can be an overrun.

2.5 obviously doesn't have this because of seq_file.

Below patch will take the length of the name into consideration.

--- kernel/resource.c.orig 2003-07-16 10:25:40.000000000 -0500
+++ kernel/resource.c 2003-07-24 09:51:47.000000000 -0500
@@ -32,14 +32,21 @@ static char * do_resource_list(struct re
const char *name = entry->name;
unsigned long from, to;

- if ((int) (end-buf) < 80)
- return buf;
from = entry->start;
to = entry->end;
if (!name)
name = "<BAD>";

+ /* Make sure there's enough room for the format string
+ plus hex representation of 'from' and 'to' (2
+ characters per byte) as well as the name of the
+ resource. Due to the format characters in 'fmt', the
+ estimate will be a little high.
+ */
+ if ((int) (end-buf) < (strlen(fmt) + strlen(name) +
+ sizeof(from)*2 + sizeof(to)*2 + 1))
+ return buf;
buf += sprintf(buf, fmt + offset, from, to, name);
if (entry->child)
buf = do_resource_list(entry->child, fmt, offset-2, buf, end);



Olof Johansson Office: 4E002/905
pSeries Linux Development IBM Systems Group
Email: Phone: 512-838-9858
All opinions are my own and not those of IBM

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