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SubjectPoor IPSec performance with 2.6 kernels
Hi all.

I'm looking for suggestions as to why my IPSec performance is so bad
when using the built in 2.6 IPSec implementation.

My setup is pretty simple, a tunnel with a Watchguard Firebox on one end
and an AMD K6/333 on the other end running Redhat 9. I've used two
different IPsec implementations on the Linux system, one is
SuperFreeS/WAN with a patched Redhat kernel using the available SRPMS
and the other is the built-in 2.6 IPSec code with racoon.

My Internet connection is a DSL circuit that typically delivers about
150KB/s. When I connect with SuperFreeS/WAN my VPN throughput is quite
good, averaging about 125KB/s (this seems about reasonable with
overhead) but when making the identical connection with racoon and the
2.6 kernel I can only achieve 50KB/s. I've been unable to come up with
any reason why this would be the case.

Any hints would be appreciated.


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