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Subject[Patch] Wrong warning of invalid icmp to broadcast

On 2.6.0-test4 I see this warning in my logs: sent an invalid ICMP type 11, code 0 error to a
broadcast: on eth0

The ip is wrong, since it's the ip of my own machine. The following
patch fixes it (so the ip reported is the same as 2.4.20 reports).

If I should send this somewhere else, please tell me.


Dennis Jørgensen
I'm not on the list, please CC: me.

--- 2003-08-28
01:13:59.000000000 +0200
+++ linux-2.6.0-test4/net/ipv4/icmp.c 2003-08-28 02:12:56.000000000 +0200
@@ -661,7 +661,7 @@
printk(KERN_WARNING "%u.%u.%u.%u sent an invalid
"type %u, code %u "
"error to a broadcast:
%u.%u.%u.%u on %s\n",
- NIPQUAD(iph->saddr),
+ NIPQUAD(skb->nh.iph->saddr),
icmph->type, icmph->code,
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