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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.6.0-test4 -- add context switch counters
On Wed, Aug 27, 2003 at 10:57:44AM +1000, Peter Chubb wrote:
> Currently, the context switch counters reported by getrusage() are
> always zero. The appended patch adds fields to struct task_struct to
> count context switches, and adds code to do the counting.
> The patch adds 4 longs to struct task struct, and a single addition to
> the fast path in schedule().

Thanks, this will be useful. We're still missing a fair number of them:

struct rusage {
struct timeval ru_utime; /* user time used */
struct timeval ru_stime; /* system time used */
long ru_maxrss; /* maximum resident set size */
long ru_ixrss; /* integral shared memory size */
long ru_idrss; /* integral unshared data size */
long ru_isrss; /* integral unshared stack size */
long ru_minflt; /* page reclaims */
long ru_majflt; /* page faults */
long ru_nswap; /* swaps */
long ru_inblock; /* block input operations */
long ru_oublock; /* block output operations */
long ru_msgsnd; /* messages sent */
long ru_msgrcv; /* messages received */
long ru_nsignals; /* signals received */
long ru_nvcsw; /* voluntary context switches */
long ru_nivcsw; /* involuntary " */


jiffies_to_timeval(p->utime, &r.ru_utime);
jiffies_to_timeval(p->stime, &r.ru_stime);
r.ru_minflt = p->min_flt;
r.ru_majflt = p->maj_flt;
r.ru_nswap = p->nswap;

and we're worse off yet: "FIXME! Get the fault counts properly!" ...
AFAICT literally the only useful number here is utime/stime.

-- wli

The stuff in /proc/$PID/statm isn't a big deal; I've got full 2.4.x
semantics (modulo the VSZ correction) with fully O(1) algorithmic
overhead in some patch originally by bcrl I forward ported somewhere.
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