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SubjectRe: DNS BLs are broken ...
Matti Aarnio <> writes:

>That in itself should not be any difficulty, but MANY
>filter codes in different MTAs appear to treat that as
>if there is genuine registered rejection!

>I have seen this at sendmails (up to and including lattest),
>and at Postfix! But also at several systems not willing
>to tell what they are running do exhibit this very same


--- cut --
dnsbl Turns on rejection of hosts found in an DNS based rejection
list. If an argument is provided it is used as the domain
information. By default, temporary lookup failures are
ignored. This behavior can be changed by specifying a
third argument, which must be either `t' or a full error
message. See the anti-spam configuration control section for
--- cut --

_Anyone_ changing the default behaviour of "temporary lookup failure"
to reject mail should be treated with a really large clue-bat (TM).


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