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SubjectRe: porting driver to 2.6, still unknown relocs... :(
Alan Cox wrote:

>On Mer, 2003-08-27 at 16:34, LGW wrote:
>>The driver is mostly a wrapper around a generic driver released by the
>>manufacturer, and that's written in C++. But it worked like this for the
>>2.4.x kernel series, so I think it has something todo with the new
>>module loader code. Possibly ld misses something when linking the object
>>specific stuff like constructors?
>The new module loader is kernel side, it may well not know some of the
>C++ specific relocation types.
To you think it's possible to remove those relocations completely, so
that the whole C++ stuff is linked "without" any more open relocations?

After all, those are only "helper functions" that could be linked
"statically", or am I mistaken?

I don't have such deep knowledge of the C++ linking process, so I can't
answer that question myself.

The Generic Driver is not public available I think, but you could get it
here: (site with the
patches for alsa) (the
original generic driver code)


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