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SubjectRe: usb-storage: how to ruin your hardware(?)
> > "after the first write the flash device failed entirely". That doen't 
> no, I wrote several data to it, like partitioning it, writing /dev/zero
> to it and so on. I moved it from computer to computer to try booting from
> it, installed lilo on it and so on. After several hours of messing around
> with the device, it failed.

okidok.... I got an new flashdisk from the vendor, but managed to ruin
it again. anyway, I also managed to repair it again. the vendor ships
a seperate formating-tool, which will repair the device, even when you
get "SCSI sense key errors".

however, I still don't understand what's going on and *why* it is not
allowed to format the drive "at will". I'd also would like to know how
this vendor supplied formating-tool works. Possibly some vendor-specific
usb-commands to ... do what? hm. I can only guess.

I purchased another driver (TraxData, USB-1, 6 euros cheaper and it
my mainboard can even boot from this device).

by the way: the manufacturer is Panram, ... does anyone
of you have experience with them? Is it likely that one gets documentation
from them?


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